Megan Cump

Megan Cump captured the images for “Feral” while on a solo kayaking trip. As she loses herself in nature, her body becomes less present in each of her images. “Many photographs reveal evidence of some seemingly paranormal event—a fire burning in a river or an ambiguous, intimate encounter with a fox. These explorations of the unknown landscape suggest a parallel, yet more internal journey, a voyage into the unconscious. In this way, I think of my work as intensely psychological, and each photograph begins to suggest a personal mythology, narratives of metamorphoses and sudden transformation. My work builds on photography’s historic dialogue with memory and mortality, presence and absence.”

stain spellnew den naiad08 gold_ feral07 ghost08 thewitch siren_08

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One thought on “Megan Cump

  1. northernmalewhite on said:

    lovely pics. thanks. wish i could visit there!

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